The United States | New Zealand Council is the only independent U.S. group dedicated exclusively to advancing the business, strategic, and cultural relationship between the United States and New Zealand by:

  • Promoting shared interests in trade, investment, economic growth, and security;
  • Providing thought leadership on important Asia-Pacific regional matters; and
  • Expanding collaboration and understanding in such areas as science and technology,the environment, education, entertainment and the arts.

Advocating for our members’ interests – with US and NZ government officials, business leaders, interest groups, and the media – is integral to our purpose and our success.


The United States | New Zealand Council is committed to the following six principles:

    1. The continued economic growth and well-being of both nations.
    2. A shared interest in global security and stability, particularly of the Asia-Pacific region.
    3. Support for comprehensive free trade and open investment policies, and a transparent, rules-based global trading system.
    4. Open and honest bilateral communication, especially on the most critical, challenging issues.
    5. A desire to share knowledge and to learn from each other’s achievements, experiences, and perspectives to solve problems and make life better.
    6. Understanding and respect for each other’s private sectors, government institutions, political systems, cultures, values, and aspirations.

The US | NZ Council is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Tax Code.