New Zealand ‘ahead of the curve’ in health IT

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New Zealand ‘ahead of the curve’ in health IT

New Zealand is ahead of the curve when it comes to health IT

21 March 2012 | Bill Crounse, Senior Director, Worldwide Health, writes in his MSDN Healthblog that he thinks the US could learn from the New Zealand healthcare system, particularly its use of health IT.

Calling the digitization of health IT a “perilous journey”, Crounse says that great progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go – and New Zealand is ahead of the curve.

While in America we still struggle to get all doctors using electronic records, here that’s pretty much a done deal. While in America we are consumed with planning for so-called accountable care organizations and medical homes, in New Zealand they are already testing the waters. Bill Crounse, MD

New Zealand’s National Shared Care Project gets special mention, with Crounse calling it “a noble project worthy of expansion” that has already led to “improved quality of care”.

Read Crounse’s blog to learn more about New Zealand health IT system, and how the US may benefit from its example.

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