Icebreaker – the international Kiwi brand

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Icebreaker – the international Kiwi brand

Icebreaker – an international brand that’s close to the land

03 May 2012 | Icebreaker, the New Zealand merino clothing brand popular throughout North America, has a truly international outlook, but is still very much a Kiwi brand.

This is shown in the New Zealand Herald’s recent article about Icebreaker and interview with its CEO Jeremy Moon, who founded the company in New Zealand in 1995. Icebreaker was started with a vision of an international, natural, sustainable business, and it has stayed true to that – Icebreaker clothing is now available in 42 countries worldwide, including the US and Canada, but the brand’s relationship and kinship with the land it comes from endures.

Icebreaker has stores in Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland, and two in New York, with plans to open five more stores in the US this year. Three quarters of Icebreaker’s sales are in the Northern Hemisphere.

Read the New Zealand Herald article.