How to tackle illegal fishing

Posted by on Mar 15, 2015 in Energy & Environment | No Comments

A White House task force has called for broader enforcement authority for U.S. agencies against illegal fishing.  The U.S. uses a smart, science-based approach to manage domestic fisheries, and is a global leader in sustainable seafood, largely ending domestic overfishing, rebuilding dozens of depleted fish stocks, and supporting near record highs in landings and revenue. But globally, the task force says, not all fishers play by the rules. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing undercuts fair competition and leads to global losses between $10 and $23 billion each year. The task force says pirate fishers often violate even the most basic safety requirements, such as using navigation lights at night, putting law-abiding mariners at risk. And their ships serve as conduits for other dangerous criminal activities, including human trafficking. Black-market fishing seafood fraud allows black market fish to enter U.S. commerce, deceiving American consumers about the quality, quantity, origin, and sustainability of the food they eat.
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