“The Canterbury earthquakes have provided an unprecedented opportunity to rethink, revitalize and renew central Christchurch. We can build the area back better than it was before – increasing its social and cultural value to greater Christchurch, Canterbury and the rest of New Zealand. It’s an opportunity too good to pass up.”

– Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

AFOC and the US | NZ Council believe there are important lessons to be learned from the rebuilding of Christchurch – lessons that have applicability to every city in the world.

Whether devastated by natural, man-made or economic disaster, cities in every country can benefit from Christchurch’s recovery plan.

Donating to AFOC is an opportunity to help “Build Brilliance” into cities of the future – by developing new ways to attract investment, create jobs, build sustainable communities, design safe and affordable housing, establish future-oriented infrastructure, and manage resources.

Categories for Directed Giving

AFOC has identified seven categories of need. If you wish to make a contribution to a specific category, please let us know and we’ll direct your gift to activities in one of the following areas:

– Hardship and Relief: housing, transportation, infrastructure
– Education: books, school equipment, and new education opportunities
– Sports and Recreation: athletic clubs, fields, facilities and equipment
– Heritage and Culture: historic architecture, artifacts, and the Arts Center
– Natural Environment: parks, recreational area, and natural resources
– Spiritual and Faith: churches, houses of worship, and Christchurch Cathedral
– Economic Revitalization: business and commercial property restoration

Ways to Give

AFOC accepts donations by check, wire transfer or credit card.

Payment by check (payable to “American Friends of Christchurch” or “AFOC”):

American Friends of Christchurch
c/o United States | New Zealand Council
101 Constitution Ave. NW
Suite 600 West
Washington, DC 20001

Payment by wire:

Bank Name: Wells Fargo
Account Name: American Friends of Christchurch
Account #: 2000057445289
Routing #: 121000248
Swift Code Domestic Transfer: 542421
Swift Code International Transfer: WFBIUS6S