NZTE to boost trade presence in China, S. America & Middle East

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The Government is to boost NZTE’s trade presence in China, South America and the Middle East to help more New Zealand firms break into these growing markets. In a speech today to the North Harbour Club, Prime Minister John Key announced that Budget 2014 would contain funding of $69 million over the next four years […]

New Zealand ranks fourth for enabling trade

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Trade Minister Tim Groser welcomes the release of a report by the World Economic Forum ranking New Zealand fourth in the world for enabling trade. The Global Enabling Trade Report 2014 measures the extent that economies have institutions, policy, infrastructure and services in place that facilitate the flow of goods and services. “New Zealand’s positive result endorses […]

New Zealand Tribe’s Bet Transforms Its Fortunes

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The Ngāi Tahu See Their Investments Pay Off By Lucy Craymer The Wall Street Journal; March 12, 2014 CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand  —  For generations, the Ngāi Tahu of New Zealand resembled many other indigenous peoples around the world: impoverished, virtually landless and experiencing a steady erosion of its language and culture. Then, in 1998, the tribe […]

The Greens vs. Free Trade

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National Review Online The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed free-trade agreement including the U.S. and a number of Asian and American countries, is an essential part of the Obama administration’s trade agenda, and its second-term economic policy as a whole. But there’s another, important element of Obama trade plans: its emphasis on ambitious environmental obligations in […]


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PM John Key today ordered Trade Minister Tim Groser to return home from Moscow where he was negotiating the final touches to a NZ-Russian free trade agreement that has been three years in the making, because concluding the accord would not be appropriate while Russia is deploying troops into Ukraine. And the Russian ambassador was […]


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Parliament today passed a resolution expressing deep concern at Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and Foreign Minister Murray McCully said recalling NZ’s ambassador in Moscow is an option that may be considered but is not yet on the agenda. Mr McCully told parliament Russia’s military intervention in Crimea breached Russia’s own bilateral […]


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NZ’s terms of trade rose by 2.3% in the December quarter to a new 40-year high as import prices fell 2.8% in terms of the strengthening NZ dollar while export prices fell just 0.5%.


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NZ’s high commissioner in London, Sir Lockwood Smith, has told a farmers’ conference in Birmingham it makes no sense for NZ to be one of only six members of the WTO not having a trade agreement with the European Union and not even negotiating one yet. He said NZ might be small in European production […]

US staring contest with Japan stretches out Pacific trade pact

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Reuters; Feb. 28, 2014 By Krista Hughes WASHINGTON – A standoff between the United States and Japan is holding up talks on a sweeping Pacific free trade pact and a lack of authority to push an eventual deal through the U.S. Congress without amendment may be undercutting Washington’s hand. After weekend talks in Singapore, including […]

TPP: Try Procrastination and Prevarication

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The Economist; Feb 21, 2014 By Banyan | SINGAPORE NEGOTIATIONS for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which enter a crucial phase this weekend with a ministerial meeting in Singapore, seem to take place in two parallel universes. In one, the 12 countries pursuing this ambitious “21st-century” plurilateral free-trade agreement, including America and Japan (but not China) […]